Monday, November 23, 2009

A New Golden Age (V)

Don't worry, I'll keep this feature going even though I'm the least prolific blogger in all of Western Civilisation. So here goes.

Due to specific request, and because it IS appropriate, I'm going to include certain select comic book series in the ANGA blog posts. First up is Tintin, the boy reporter and his appropriately-nomikered dog, Snowy. I first stumbled upon Tintin books in the local library in 1995 and became hooked. For me the summer of '95 was the summer of Tintin reading. (And POGs, but that's a different story...)

Tintin was created in serialised form by the Belgian cartoonist, Georges Remy--more commonly known by his nom de plume "Herge". (Pronounced 'Air-zhay', this word signifies his two initials, R and G, as they are pronounced in French.) Herge's first Tintin adventure, Tintin in the Land of the Soviets was published in 1929.

Over the next few decades, Herge would take readers around the world as they followed Tintin and Snowy (and later other regularly recurring supporting characters such as my personal favourites Captain Haddock and the bumbling look-a-like detectives--Thomson and Thompson) on several mysteries and through several perils. Locales included Scotland, Tibet, Egypt, beneath the waves of the Atlantic Ocean, and even on the moon!

The later adventures appeared further and further apart from each other; for instance the last three adventures were published in 1963, 1968 and 1976 respectively. In 1983, Herge passed away, leaving behind a solid position as one the premier European comic book writer/artists, and a superb collection of 23 books. The books themselves are still in print and are easily found in large bookstores and online.

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