Sunday, September 13, 2009

A new 'golden age' (III, sort of)

Readers, I haven't come up with a new post topic (but I guess THIS counts as a post), because I haven't decided to write about Krazy Kat next, or Gasoline Alley next, and the fact is that I'd rather listen to 80s music on iTunes right now (I don't have an iPod). I'll get to both eventually. But I thought I owed both of you an explanation.

[With that said, I'll retire this 'low readership' running joke. That kind of humor has been done time and again by the likes of Bob Hope and Jack Benny, et al. (Maybe some of you have heard of those guys...) And if such a joke rears its ugly head again in the future, I assure you it's because I will have forgotten about the pledge I made in this blog post.]



  1. I don't know, 'Stoph, Benny and Hope made a pretty good living and were damn funny. It worked for Conan for years too. Ideally, you'd stop the joke because of increased readers, which may still yet happen.
    Way to continue the positive posting! Good Jorb. I should let you know that your other two readers and myself really enjoy a fiery post now and again, so let it flow on occasion.

  2. Hey if the joke is working, keep on using it!

  3. Too bad you actually have no idea how to gauge if the joke is working or not! It's not like you can listen to everyone laughing out loud when they read your posts...unless you're stalking all of us...