Thursday, August 20, 2009

The New Translation

Right. So I've heard on Sacred Heart Radio (740 AM) about the developments of the soon-to-be-revised English text in our missals. According to Rich Leonardi (I'm pretty sure it was him, but do correct if I'm wrong), these changes will be taking effect around 2011. I'd prefer it come NOW, but I should thank God and the Pope that it is coming at all.

This event appears to be part of a trend among Pope Benedikt's post-Vatican II reforms. (Vatican II needs reforms badly, but I won't get into that right now.) One such example to be revised in our regular mass is when the priest says: "The Lord be with you", and the pious(?) in the pews respond "And also with you". Only now--er, soon--the response will be 'And with thy spirit'. So it should more or less resemble the English translations that you will find in churches that offer Tridentine Latin masses.

Another correction that I look forward to is changing the Nicene Creed from 'We believe...' to 'I believe...' This is an important distinction. Granted, the present way makes logical sense, as we recite this Nicene Creed in unison with our Catholic brethren. BUT. It is vital for us to say such a creed on behalf of our respective selves, as forming a personal bond with Christ is of paramount importance to our spiritual evolution and our ultimate redemption. Community is important, and we are to support all of our fellow believers one way or another. But God does comes first in our lives as He should always. (Well said--I should really put that last sentence into daily practice in my own life, though all too often I don't...)


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  1. Well said. I'm definitely excited for these changes as well. I think they provide a clearer interpretation of what's actually intended in the congregational responses. Maybe these changes will get Joe Schmo in the pew actually thinking about the meaning behind the responses during Mass (and maybe even saying them once in a while).